Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Ñalang has landed

It's official. I live in Guåhan. And there is enough gecko sh*t on the windowsills to prove it.

My project partner and I will also be going into hyper planning mode this weekend, in addition to finishing painting the living room, looking at some furniture, going to the flea market (for food), going to a Chamoru comedy show, drinking beers/playing trivial pursuit/listening to bluegrass (?!) at the mermaid tavern, Sunday breakfast with i familia, and getting the house ready for my mom, who is coming in three days--not to stay with us, but help out with family stuff.

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Will said...

Enjoying the blog ... good to know your vomit reflex is under control ... good luck with the transition. New York pizza is only good when you're away from New York, that much nostalgia hasn't hit me yet (too much awesome latino food!)

- Will