Monday, March 30, 2009

Lessons learned about Guam Power Authority

1. There are no disconnect notices.

2. You might be a month overdue with your bill, and your power will get shut off.
I have to hand it to GPA--they are phenomenally good at doing the shut-offs on time (excepting cutting power to the Guam Public School System, who at this time owes something like $1.5 million).

3. There's a $50 reconnect charge.

4. Go to the Harmon GPA office exactly at 7 a.m., and you can pay your bill with a minimum wait--there was only one customer in front me. Go to the customer service desk
first (that's to the right of the double paned doors that lead to the cashier counters), and then to the cashier desks to pay.

5. Then, fan, sign up for electronic bill pay, because tåya iluktrisedåt means bula mad at home!

Thanks to the neighbors who let me put one whole chicken, bag of shrimp, one package of chicken breasts, three bags of frozen fruit, and some leftover coconut milk in their chest freezer.

Also, that one night without electricity wasn't for naught... we had to eat out, and I can't say I totally minded. B)